Turn Around Time

Our services are designed in a way that you get the best services and the property of  your choice at the shortest period.

Once you have shown the interest to buy, you will be taken to inspect the site not later than 3 days , payment and contracting 1 day.

We normally provide title deed 3 months after  expiry of your payment period.


We are committed to offer properties which are free from encumbrances,  we normally do enough due diligences and verifications  prior to buying and selling to our customers.

Payment Flexibility

We offer our customers flexibility in payments, we allow 5% monthly payments following the 15 % down payment on the property value.   We also offer discounts on early settlements and customers with good credits records.

  • Installments Payments

  • Cash Payments

Next of Kin

Our properties are attached with the credit life insurance policy, the insurance will pay for your property incase of permanent disability or death and therefore your next of kin and dependants wont be bothered on the payment for the unpaid amount.


We have a very big collection of properties across Dar es salaam and in major cities, We have as well an access to a very large network of property developers in our network.

This assures a very diversity and choices of properties to our customers.